New version of Register designation Direct

31 January 2022

In the new version of Register designation Direkt v.4.0.4, some new filtering options have been introduced on certain search inputs in the service. The access point does not change, which means that the version is backward compatible with the previous version.

In the new version, new filtering options have been added to the service. You can now send in a list of which designation statuses you want back on the search entries free text, geometry and autocomplete. Furthermore, you can now also filter a search by municipality or county code on the search input free text.

Geodata service Change 

Register designation Direct v4.0.4

Available in verification environment:
2021-05-26 </o: p>

Available in production environment:

  • Possibility to filter by county code or municipality code on the search text free text
  • < li> Possibility to submit a list of designation statuses on the search inputs free text, geometry and autocomplete. Previously, you could only filter on a designation status
The access point does not change, but to use the new functionality you have to make efforts in consuming systems.
Geodatatjänst Change

Register designation Direct v4.0.3

Discontinued 2021-05-26, ie in connection with the release of the new version.

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