New version of Building Download, INSPIRE

31 January 2022

On May 19, a new version of the Building Download service, INSPIRE, version 1.1 will be launched. The information in the service is now updated and minor changes have been introduced. The service is of the nuclear flow type and contains building information according to the information model for INSPIRE.

Geodata Service Change

Download, INSPIRE v1.1

Available in verification environment:

Available in production environment:

  • Updated information
  • New access point via the API portal
  • The following attributes were previously text and now become xlinks:
    • Nativeness
    • nameStatus

Data is now available in two reference systems, SWEREF 99 TM and ETRS89

Building Download, INSPIRE v1.0 Discontinued 2021-05-19

For more information, see the product page for Building Download INSPIRE

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