Disruptions in several direct access services and Download withdrawals in connection with the planned commissioning of Samfällighetsförening Direkt

31 January 2022

On 6 December 2021, after 17.00, the commissioning of Samfällighetsförening Direkt will begin. This deployment will also affect the direct access services Property Direct and Community Facility Direct as well as Download Outlets.

In connection with the commissioning of the new version of Samfällighetsförening Direkt v.2.1 , access to Fastighet Direkt and Gemensamhetsanläggning Direkt will also be affected. The work is planned to be completed during the evening of December 6.

Note that also Download withdrawal, information amount Samfällighetsförening, will close at 17 the same day and stay down until December 14.

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