Topography 50 Download, vector replaces the GSD Terrain Map

31 January 2022

The GSD Terrain Map, provided as open data, will be replaced on September 1, 2022 by the new product, Topography 50 Download Vector. The transition will involve extensive changes to the data model and will be delivered in the GeoPackage file format.

The previous formats Shape and MapInfo are deleted and replaced with GeoPackage in the new vector product. GeoPackage is a file format that handles several of the limitations of today's delivery format. For example, large geographical areas do not need to be divided into smaller ones, character coding works better and there are fewer files to handle with more intuitive names.

Topography 50 Download, vector becomes nationwide and has a data model that is harmonized with others topographic products. Content-related changes mean, among other things, that new altitude curves and mountain information are included. The product will be provided as open data under license CC0.

The changes affect the data models and will result in attribute names being changed and attributes being both deleted and added. The changes will be described in detail in the upcoming demodata and product description.

Topography 50 Download, vector will be provided via Geotorget beställning .


Information about schedule can be found at Ongoing product development of geographic information .

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