Topographic viewing services will be updated in October

31 January 2022

On October 1, 2021, changes will be made to several of Lantmäteriet 's viewing services. Among other things, there are changes in manners and the information that comes from the Swedish Transport Administration is beginning to be reported in the large-scale map products. Topographic Sitemap Display and Topographic Sitemap Display, layered will then be switched to new data sources and be completely updated on 1/10. During the month of October, the remaining topographic web maps will be updated.

After the change has been implemented for the products as above, a gradual update of other products takes place:

  • Topographic Sitemap Display, cache
  • Topographic Sitemap Display, overview
  • Topographic web map Display, raster

The change takes place in several stages and means that the services during the month of October may look different depending on the coordinate system used or whether the dimmed or colored variant is used. The updates are made in the existing version of each service.

This is because data sources and manners change in one of the variants at a time. Regardless of which data source the viewing service shows, the data is current with the exception of roads which in the old data source have not been updated after 16 September. The road information will be updated with the transition to the new data source in October.

For more information about each product, see Product List ,

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