Reminder of the launch date for the products that replace the GSD Property Map

31 January 2022

On October 1, 2021, the new vector products will be launched that replace the current GSD Property Map, vector. In connection with the launch and the sharp transition, data retrieval via the Geodata site will also stop.

The six new vector products will be made available via Geotorget Ordering, see earlier news from 2020-10-05 and 2020-12-18 . A more detailed presentation of the new products can be found on the product development page The GSD Property Map will be replaced with new products. There is also information about the new file format GeoPackage for deliveries. Under the tab Demodata there are product descriptions and data for testing. The changes are available described in detail under the change history contained in the product description.

It has previously been stated in the product descriptions that property keys (FNR_FDS) are deleted in the new products and replaced with object identity (UUID). See also previous news from 2019-01-16 . The information about it has also been clarified on product development page .

Fee calculation, ordering and delivery of data takes place in Geotorget Ordering. 
Information about what's new in terms of subscriptions and signing agreements for end use can be found on the Geotorget Order page.

On the page Ongoing product development of geographic information has a timeline for implementation.

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