New pictures in Ortofoto View Yearly

31 January 2022

From 30 November, the update of the product Orthophoto View Service Annual Show begins with 2021 orthophotos.

Most of this year's orthophotos will be added as early as November 30 and thereafter a gradual update will take place, after which the 2021 orthophotos will be produced. Preliminarily, all images from the 2021 production are expected to be available via the service during the month of December.

There will be no new version of the service and the access point will not change.

For more information, see the product pages Orthophoto View Service Annual 

Geodata service Change

Orthophoto View Service Annual v.1.8

Available in verification environment:

Available in production environment:

Continuously updated with 2021 orthophotos in color and IR color.

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