Correction in demodata for products that replace the GSD Property Map

31 January 2022

As of May 10, 2021, there are new corrected demodata.

The new demodata can be found on the GSD Property Map is replaced with new products / Demodata .

On March 31, demodata for the new products that replace the GSD Property Map on October 1, 2021. Subsequently, some deficiencies have been discovered that we have rectified in a new version with number 1.3.
The deficiencies that have been found are:

  • A number of attributes with the type "Text" have incorrect field lengths.
  • The attribute "bridge_and_tunnel" in the warehouse Roadline had incorrectly received NULL values.
  • Some value quantities have been corrected in the product description regarding incorrect values as well as uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • A layer name has been corrected in the demodata for Land Regulatory Provision Download, vector.

Under the tab Demodata On the Ongoing Product Development of Geographic Information page, there are product descriptions and demodata , version 1.3. The changes are described in detail under the change history found in the product description.

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