Aerial photography of more urban areas with higher resolution

31 January 2022

From the year 2023, Lantmäteriet plans to photograph additional urban areas with a resolution of 0.15 meters.

The change means that more urban areas that are within areas that are photographed with a resolution of 0.37 meters, will be photographed with a resolution of 0.15 meters. Today, 11 urban areas are photographed in the higher resolution and from 2023 this will be expanded to a total of 41 urban areas. These 41 urban areas will be photographed every four years. More information about the change will be communicated in 2022 and all affected municipalities will be contacted by their Regional Geodata Coordinator (pdf, new window)

Lantmäteriet aerial photographs of approximately 30% of Sweden's area each year during the period April - September. the long-term plan shows which parts of Sweden are aerial photographed at which interval and which resolution. Read more about Image Provision  Program .

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