Changed contract terms from January 2021

31 January 2022

As of 2021-01-01, new contract terms apply to processors and end users for making data available and new delivery terms for geographical geodata products.

With the change in conditions, there will be increased opportunities for users to make available the geodata for which a license fee has been paid by publishing images, illustrations and printed maps. A separate consent will no longer be required for this. Following the change, the use of map services for information purposes in public contexts is also permitted on, for example, a separate website.

From January 2021, no delivery fees will be charged for geographic withdrawal products. An administrative fee of SEK 750.00 will be charged per order, regardless of how many geographical geodata products are ordered in the same order. It will not be possible to order data as express deliveries after January 2021.

Read more in End Customer Terms and Fees and Delivery Information on the page at . Processors will find more information about the General Terms and Conditions for Processors in Terms and Conditions.

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