Topographic web map Viewing, cache

This service gives access to a topographic web map that is adapted for screen viewing and in terms of content very similar to the Topographic web map viewing service but has higher performance and somewhat poorer timeliness.


Topographic web map Viewing, cache (Topografisk webbkarta Visning, cache)

The service contains one layer of topographic map information in full colour and one layer that presents the map information in a dimmed version.

See presentation with examples from both information layers.

Maintenance and update frequency

The information in the map is updated at different intervals depending on the type and scale of the information. A simplified description of the timeliness is:

  • Information in scales up to 1:20,000 is updated at least once per day.
  • Information in scales smaller than 1:20,000 is updated weekly, except for the information from the Sweden Map 1:1 million, which is updated annually.


Our geodata services are normally available 24/7 and we provide support during working hours. Read more about availability to geodata services.

Our geodata services (APIs) require that you have an application or software capable of managing the services. To view real property information or maps directly in your browser, you can use Lantmäteriet's e-services.

Presentation of the information layers

Topographic web map

The layer contains topographic map information such as administrative division, buildings, facilities, regulations, roads, railways, mountain information, power lines, land surfaces, water surfaces, elevation curves and terrain shading, place names, information text and address numbers.

twk_<span class=

Sample image in scale 1: 3 780.

Topographic web map, dimmed

The layer contains the topographic the map information presented is dimmed in a grayscale.

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Sample image in scale 1: 3 780, dimmed.

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Different versions of the services can overlap, so pay attention to which version you use. Version history describes the changes that occurred at each update.

Version history
Version Date Changes compared with previous version

Version 1.1.0

  • The drawing order has been changed for buildings and roads and the drawing manners have also been reviewed.
  • The scale intervals have been adjusted in Web Mercator.

Version 1.1.0


  • The coordinate axes of the service has changed from E, N to N, E.

Version 1.0.3



  • A layer of information in dimmed manner has been added.
  • The service is now also provided in the Web Mercator coordinate system.

Version 1.0.2


  • New drawing manner for snowmobile trails

Version 1.0.2


  • Supplemented with hiking information in the mountain areas.
  • Depth values and rocks awash removed from the smaller scales.
  • Transparency removed in the scale range 1:30 000-1: 60 000 as no terrain shading is shown in them.

Version 1.0.1


Cartographic changes in existing version

  • Drawing manners
  • Text sizes have been changed to reduce size changes at scale interval limitsKartografiska förändringar i befintlig version

Technical framework and standard for display services

Our map and image display services are based on the standardized call interfaces Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) developed by OGC, The Open Geospatial Consortium (new window). WMS is also an ISO standard (ISO 19128).

The services are of the nature 'question-answer', where the consumer (user's system) sends a service call over the Internet and receives a map image in a standard image format or in a vector format for certain types of services.

The characteristics of the map image are defined by the call parameters, such as information type, geographical spread, reference system, image format and image size.

There are many client applications for display services or components for integration into own system available. In addition to commercial products, there are a number of established products based on open source code, such as QGIS (new window).

At OSGeo, The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (new window) you can read more about software in the field of geodata that are based on open source code.

If you want deeper technical information about our display services, read the technical description on each product page.

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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