The terrain map

The product was discontinued on September 1, 2022. The product name in Swedish is Terrängkartan.

Brief information

The terrain map has been replaced by the product Topography 50 Download, vector.

The terrain map in scale 1:50 000 provides provided a full-fledged soil type report that also includes blocky land, mountains in the day and deciduous forest. It also has a detailed account of small roads, paths and roadblocks.


For a deeper description of the content in the previous product, see the product description in Swedish and English:

GSD terrain map, vector (pdf, new window)
GSD-Topographic Map, vector format (pdf, new window)

Below is an overview of the contents of the information layers that was delivered earlier in the product.

Administrative units
National border, county border and municipal boundary. Riksrösen and municipality names.

Elevation curves
Elevation curves at 5 m intervals.

Watercourses, current arrows and surf.

Land data
Lakes and major watercourses, forests, cultivated land, built-up areas , marshland, mountains in the day, blocky land, bare mountains, and other open land.

Transport network
Railways, roads, tractor roads, ferry routes, paths, hiking trails, cable cars, cycle paths, power lines, substations, turntables down, rest areas, bridges, tunnels and roadblocks.

Buildings and facilities, such as airfields, sports grounds, guest harbors and more.

Protected areas
National parks, reserves and various types of protected areas, such as animal protection and cultural protection.

Ancient remains
Ancient remains, ruins and mining holes.

Military areas
Military firing ranges and training ranges.

Place names and information text
Place names and text that describes what it is on the site, such as 'school'.

Earth's shapes and measurement
The Arctic Circle, triangle points, fixed points and highlights.

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