Map 1:50 000, raster

The product is a raster map in the form of a digital image and contains, among other things, buildings, types of land and roads. It is designed to be used primarily for printing.


Lantmäteriet's goal is for maps to be similar in appearance, regardless of whether you use a digital product or print a map. In terms of appearance, the map has been adapted to resemble the Topographical web map and the information has been retrieved from the data source for Topography 50 Download, vector.

Maintenance and update frequency

Map 1:50 000 is continuously updated with information about buildings, construction areas, sports facilities, power lines, nature conservation, military areas, railways, roads and information texts. Campsites, guest harbors, airports, airports, railway stations and hospitals are updated annually. New files for delivery are produced once a month.

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The product is provided as open data. Ordering takes place via Geotorget Ordering.


For a deeper description of the content, see the product description.

Map 1:50 000 contains the following information, gathered in an 8-bit image.

Administrative units
National border, county border and municipal border. Riksrösen and municipality names.

Elevation curves
Elevation curves at 5 m intervals. In the mountain areas, the equidistance is instead 10 m and in exceptional cases 20 m.

Watercourses and current arrows.

Market data
Lakes and major watercourses, forests, cultivated land, built-up areas, swamps, mountains in the day, blocky land, bare mountains, and other open land.

Transport network
Railways, roads, tractor roads, ferry routes, paths, hiking trails, cable cars, cycle paths, power lines, transformer stations, turning areas, rest areas, bridges, tunnels and roadblocks.

Buildings and facilities, such as airfield, sports field, guest harbor and more.

Protected areas
National parks, reserves and various types of protected areas, such as animal protection and cultural protection.

Ancient remains
Ancient remains, ruins and mining holes.

Military areas
Military firing ranges and training ranges.

Place name and information text
Place name and text that describes what it is on the site, for example 'school'.

Earth's shapes and measurement
The Arctic Circle, triangle points, fixed points and highlights.

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