New display services in vector tiles format

In 2023, Topography Display, vector tiles are planned to be expanded with content in small-scale scale areas.

In 2020 and 2021, three new viewing services have been launched:

The products that have been launched are display tiles of the vector tiles type, which can be used both as traditional background maps but also to access attribute information about the objects. The type of service has quickly become popular as it provides fast drawing in the clients who use them.The main use of these products is judged to be in web applications.

The new products have not replaced the display services that are in the product catalog before, but is a complement to other display services.The next step in the development is to add Topography Display, vector tiles with information in the small-scale levels.The work is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023.

Under the heading New products below go to read more about the new viewing services and under Schedule, it is stated when in time the services are planned to be launched.
Under the heading Test here it is clear what opportunities there are a tt test the existing display services.

For more information or comments regarding the further development of Topography Viewing, vector tiles please contact

Further development Topography Display, vector tiles

Extended content

Topography Display, vector tiles is already available today as a product with a content that largely corresponds to what can be found in the vector product Topography Download, vector. The next step in the development is to enter information in other scale levels so that it becomes more similar in content to previous display services such as Topographic Sitemap Display.

The data to be filled in the small-scale levels will be produced with new methods in the future. This will lead to new vector products being developed but also to us being able to add Topography Display, vector tiles with data corresponding to the scale ranges 1:50 000, 1: 100 000, 1: 250 000 and 1: 1 million. 


Attributes needed to be able to make your own styling are those that will be included in the display service.

Coordinate system

The following coordinate system is available:

  • Topographic Sitemap tilematrix, in the SWEREF99 TM reference system ("epsg: 3006") and 13 levels
  • WellKnownScaleSet / GoogleMapsCompatible, in the Web Mercator reference system ("epsg: 3857 ") and 17 levels.


The expansion of Topography Display, vector tiles with small-scale information is expected to be in production during the second half of 2023.

Test here

In order for you to get an idea of how services of the type vector tiles work, we offer the opportunity to try Topography Viewing, vector tiles and Building Visnin g, vector tiles for free for one month. If you want to test the display services directly in your own application, make a "Try on order" via the product pages for each product:

On each product page, under the Documentation tab, you will find the technical description with the current access point.

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