Order property information

You can order property information directly from us or from one of our dealers. The resellers can also help you with customization and processing of the information.

Information about your property and extract from the property register

If you want free information about your own property, you are welcome to use our e-service My property

If you want information from the Property Register according to the principle of openness, you are welcome to use the e-service to order extracts from the property register. The e-service has a limit of five properties per user and 24 hours. You can also contact our Customer center for help.

Order from Lantmäteriet

We are working to modernize orders and delivery of property information. The changes are worked out in project form and the product range is gradually expanded. Therefore, there are now two different interfaces for ordering, see the SELF-SERVICE tabs above.
Via the Order form you still order Direct access services for property information as well as Withdrawals and notifications in ÖFF format.

See deliveries during major holidays

What should you do with the information?

How personal data in the property register may be used is governed by the Act (2000: 224) on property registers and Before we can give you access to personal data in real estate registers, we need to test your purpose with the processing, which means that we will ask what you should do. The application forms are available in Swedish and English.

Lantmäteriet also reviews all orders Secrecy applies, among other things, to information concerning the total defense if it can be assumed to damage the country's defense, or is considered to constitute a danger to national security if the information is disclosed in accordance with Chapter 15 section 2 of the Public Access and Secrecy Act (2009: 400) The test can therefore in some cases take from three to five working days.

Ordering from dealers

Do you need help with buying real estate information or if you want one tailor-made solution for your particular business, you should turn to one of our Geodata reseller.

FRL Handbook

In Handbook FRL (pdf, new window) (The law on real estate registers) appears Lantmäteriet practice on purpose trials and is aimed at lawyers, managers and administrators of FRL cases.

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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