How to find and select photos from the Economic Map

Option 1 - Look directly in pdf files

In the catalog Page division maps, open the pdf file Overview_Economic_map to find which pdf contains the area you are interested in. Then open the pdf file you are interested in, pan and zoom in it until you find the desired map sheet. All pdf files except Overview are created in A2 format and scale 1: 500 000.

Option 2 - Look at county-specific leaf division maps

If you know in which county the economic map is located you are looking for you can look in directory Leaf divisions / County leaf divisions. There are one or two leaf divisions per county.

Option 3 - Use the Geolex service

Do this to find the leaf number on the map sheet:

Open Geolex (new window)

A screen clip from Geolex showing a map sheet and the tools used to obtain the sheet number.

  1. Move in the map to the area you are interested in.
  2. Click on the Index in the left margin, see the black arrow.
  3. Select RT90 in the left scroll bar.
  4. Select Index 5 km in the right scroll bar.
  5. Select the tool to be able to select map sheets, see the round circle.
  6. Click with the pointing tool on the map and a square will appear with the leaf number in the middle.

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