Examples of functions in Geotorget Ordering

This page gives you a more detailed description of some of the functions available in Geotorget Ordering.

Fee calculation

The fee is calculated and reported according to the selection made in connection with the order.

Sign an end use agreement for Lantmäteriet s Geodata products

End-use agreements are signed when the order is submitted and approved by Lantmäteriet. Exceptions apply to further processor agreements, geodata collaboration agreements and other overall agreements.


Orders of the type Subscription gives the right to new withdrawals.

For products that support change, you can choose between starting a delivery of the type Base or Change.

  • Change
    Delivery of data for the order that has changed since the time of the last SUCCESSFUL delivery.
  • Base
    Delivery of all data for the order.

Manage delivery

When you have ordered a download product in Geotorget Ordering, you can follow your order and its order lines under My Account - Matters. You can handle your order/delivery manually in your browser or via API. More information about this can be found in Geotorget Ordering under My Account - Issues in the Help section.

Download manually in your browser

Log in to Geotorget Order and go to My Account. 

  • Track delivery status
  • Initiate new delivery on subscription
  • Download delivery manually via a web browser

API Download

This is currently only available to our organizational users, we are working on a solution for individuals. To be able to use API Download requires a system account.

Technical description API Download (new window)
More information about the API Portal

National Geodata Platform

Apply to produce or consume data sets in the National Geodata Platform.

Learn more about the National Geodata Platform (new window).

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