Geodata for blue light

Lantmäteriet works to facilitate access to national map information for blue light players. Geodata helps the actors to locate, find the right one, choose the best route and be able to implement initiatives effectively. Lantmäteriet 's geodata is an important part of the blue light actors' work.

Blue Light Operations

It is important to have a common picture

Many times the blue light actors, ie alarms, ambulances, rescue services and the police, need to cooperate across geographical and organizational boundaries. Then it is important that they have a common situation picture where they are based on a common background map.

The background map is an important prerequisite for the blue light actors to be able to carry out their efforts effectively. It contains current information about addresses, roads and railways, among others.

Lantmäteriet and the Swedish Transport Administration provide geodata as a basis for a common background map for blue lights.

Recommended products

Lantmäteriet 's topographic web map forms the basis for the blue light actors' common background map. The web map is available as a viewing service for online use and as a download product for offline use.

In addition to the topographical web map products containing location addresses, place names and altitude are recommended, and for printing the e-service Map Printing.

MSB recommends our geodata to blue light actors

To facilitate use, the authority for civil protection and emergency preparedness (MSB ) issued recommendations regarding a selection of geodata from Lantmäteriet and the Swedish Transport Administration.

The recommendations make it possible for the actors to create a common background map for both alarm centers, ambulances , police and rescue services.

MSB recommends all blue light actors to use designated geodata from Lantmäteriet and the Swedish Transport Administration as a background map in their systems.

Read the recommendations on MSB's website (new window).

Knowledge and ability to use geodata before, during and after an event

A common picture of the situation is a prerequisite for several actors to be able to act in a coordinated manner in the event of an incident. The coordination makes great demands that everyone involved has access to, can use and communicate geodata.

By increasing the knowledge and ability to use and communicate geodata, there are good conditions for coordination between actors both before, during and after an event.

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