Priority standards in the framework

In order for geodata to be useful in an infrastructure and to be exchangeable, certain parts or components are required.

What does the framework contain?

The framework describes rules and guidelines for the development and validation of such priority parts. These are:

  • Specifications with information models, object type catalogs and quality requirements.
  • Metadata with quality reports.
  • Defined web services for data exchange.
  • Other infrastructure components such as stable unique identifiers, and registers.

Based on this, the following priority standards and other documents apply. Standards often refer to other standards, which makes it difficult to make an unambiguous choice.
In the spring of 2018, new guidelines will be produced that more clearly describe the requirements for the Swedish infrastructure.

Specifications and metadata - national standards

The specifications and metadata - national standards that apply is:

  • SS-EN ISO 19131: 2008 Geographical information - Specification of data sets.
  • SS-EN ISO 19110: 2017 Geographic information - Structure for cataloging object types. 
  • SS-EN ISO 19115-1: 2014 Geographical information - Metadata - Part 1: Basics.
  • SIS-ISO/TS 19115-3: 2016 Geographical information - Metadata - Part 3: XML schema implementation.
  • SIS-CEN ISO/TS 19139: 2009 Geographic information - Metadata - XML schema implementation.
  • SS-EN ISO 19157: 2013 Geographic information - Data quality.

Specifications and metadata - national guides and templates

The national guides and templates that apply are:

  • Guide to Geographic Information - Data quality (ISO 19157: 2013) web-based tutorial (in swedish, new window).
  • SIS-TS 80: 2018 Geographic information - National metadata profile for geographic information.
  • SIS-TR 40: 2015 Geographic information - Technical framework - Data product specification manual.
  • SIS -TR 41: 2017 Geographic information - National metadata profile - specification & guidance v. 4.0.

Web services

The web services available are:

  • OGC 06-042: 2006 1.3 Web Map Service (WMS) Implementation Specification (equivalent) ISO 19128).
  • OGC 09-025r1: 2010 2.0 Web Feature Service Interface Standard (equivalent to ISO 19142).
  • OGC 09-110r4: 2012 2.9 WCS Interface Standard - Core.

Other relevant

Other relevant are:

  • OGC 07-036: 2007 3.2 Geography Markup Language (GML) - Encoding Standard.
  • OGC 10-129r1: 2012 3.3 Geography Markup Language (GML) - Extended schemas and encoding rules (these equivalent to ISO 19136).

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