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Overview - geodata standards

An attempt to get an overview of relevant geodata standards includes:

  • Inspire requirements.
  • The ISO 19100 series are framework standards for geodata, approximately 70. Most are important for architecture and infrastructure, and a number are prioritized in order to be able to exchange data (see another section). A few have a more specific application, e.g. SS-EN ISO 19152: 2012 Geographical information - Model for land use and land ownership (LADM).
  • OGC, non-formal standards i.a. for web services, and some are included as a priority selection.
  • W3C is an example of an organization that produces general standards for the web.
  • SIS framework standards (SS, TS, TR, reports) about 5 -10 newer and older.
  • Relevant standards in the field of geodesy, e.g. RINEX or from the organization RTMC.

Based on the framework, there are SIS theme standards and tutorials, about 20, ie. for various applications such as hydrography, addresses, detailed plans and more. These standards follow the basic principles of the framework.

There is close cooperation between military standards and ISO standards.


Overview guide for geodata standards, with purpose and area of use (SIS) (in swedish, new window)

List of geodata standards (SIS) (in swedish, new window)

OBP (Online Browsing Platform), and standard search service (ISO) (in swedish, new window)

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