Our values

Lantmäteriet has a complementary value base to the state value base where we specifically clarify what is important to us and our business.

Två kollegor står nära tillsammans och tittar nyfiket och intresserat på samma mobiltelefon, som en av dem håller i handen.

Everyone who comes in contact with Lantmäteriet should understand that what we do, we do with service, openness and drive, both internally and externally and you as an employee should feel that your effort makes a difference.

Service, openness and drive

For us, service is that we strive for simplicity and see our role in a larger context. We are responsive and always give a friendly and professional treatment and that we contribute to each other's success and job satisfaction.

For us, openness is that we trust each other and others can trust us. We show respect for each other's opinions and differences and that we are open, clear and comprehensible.

For us, the power to act is that we create results by taking initiatives and being open to new solutions. We implement what we have decided and that we use feedback to develop the business.

This is important for us for our business to function optimally and for our employees to feel job satisfaction and be allowed to develop in our business. Hope you share our opinion.

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