Research, education and cultural activities

You who study or work with research, education and cultural activities (FUK) can get access to free geodata here.

By signing a license agreement for the use of geodata for FUK, your university, college or cultural institution will have access to free geodata from Lantmäteriet .

The agreement allows the use of geodata in the following activities:

  • By research is meant non-commercial research where the results are of general interest and become generally available or published regardless of the organizational form of the activity where the research is conducted. Business research where the purpose is to promote one's own business is not covered. Local history research or genealogy research, which is conducted within non-profit associations or by private individuals is not covered ..
  • Education which falls under the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Those covered are colleges / universities or primary / secondary schools that are run under municipal auspices or as private or independent schools. Folk high schools and polytechnics are also to be regarded as formal education. Training conducted by companies whose business concept is to provide targeted training to an individual company or organization, or for the purpose of training users of a specific software or the like is not covered.
  • Culture as a non-profit, permanent, publicly accessible activity relating to theater, dance and music activities, museum activities, library activities, arts and culture promotion activities, regional private archive activities, film cultural activities, and the promotion of handicrafts.

More information about the license agreement and which products and services are included from other authorities can be found at Geodata for research, education and cultural activities.

Here you can also see if your organization has signed an agreement .

Access for researchers and students

Universities and colleges affiliated with SWAMID (an identity federation that covers most universities, colleges) can use the GET download service to access some of the spatial data covered by the agreement.

Here you can log in to the GET download service (new window)

Guide to the GET download service in English (pdf, new window)

Do you have questions about the GET service? Contact:

Access for schools and cultural activities

Schools and cultural activities appoint a contact person who makes a collective order for geodata, max twice a year. Order data from Lantmäteriet , e-mail:

Do you need a teacher in primary / secondary school maps?

If your municipality is part of the Geodata collaboration, you as a teacher can get access to digital maps and other geodata via your municipality. To get this, you need to contact your municipality. Here you can see if your municipality is part of the Geodata collaboration.

Information about the municipalities' contact persons can be obtained by contacting .

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