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Operation information

Here you’ll find current operation information about Lantmäteriet's IT services.

Planned interruptions

A couple of times each year we perform maintenance about our IT services requiring the services to be closed down or limited. You can read more about planned service windows below.

Other interruptions

If an IT service needs to be closed for service, in addition to our planned service windows, the interruption will always be outside the appointed opening hours for each service.

You will find information about any interruptions on our website.

Service windows are planned at least 12 months in advance. The Service window begins on a Saturday, at 06:00 a.m. and ends on a Sunday, at 06:00 p.m. If an IT service needs to be closed for service in addition to our planned service windows, the interruption will always be outside our agreed opening hours for each service.

During a Service Window major work in Lantmäteriet's IT environment is carried out. During the Service Window we cannot guarantee the availability to our IT systems and IT services.

Due to the increased digitalisation, Lantmäteriet has a stated ambition to make these interruptions as short as possible, and in the future, when the technology allows, to eliminate the need of Service Windows.

Lantmäteriet advertise the Service Window at least 12 months in advance to facilitate for users of our services to plan their activities.

Services with 24-7 availability requirements and e-mail will be fully functional during the Service Window.

Mätningarna redovisar hur tjänsterna levererar enligt servicenivå för tillgänglighet. Målet är att ge en representativ bild av drifteffektiviteten för Lantmäteriets geodatatjänster.


Inga kända driftstörningar.

Inga kända driftstörningar.

Från den 28 november 2014 har E-ansökan den nya webbadressen:

För att logga in till E-ansökan måste den nya webbadressen användas.

Har du lagt in den gamla webbadressen som ett bokmärke eller favorit i din dator? Då behöver du ta bort den och lägga in den nya istället.

Due to planned service maintenance our e-services are closed during the weekend 15-16 September. The entire website, including our eCommerce services, is expected to open as normal from sunday evening.

If You want to send in a job application that will expire during the weekend, e-mail Your application to

Read more about service windows.

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