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My Property

My Property

Would you like to borrow on the house or look into uncertainties surrounding your real property? Here you will find information about your own real property and about the different ways you can use it.


The service My Property gives you free access to detailed information about your own properties and site leasehold rights. Do you have problems logging in? Read more on the right under the link “Having problems?”

If you have e-identification on your computer, you can use our e-service My Property. There you can view detailed information about your real property, such as a land register map, acreage, boundaries, mortgages and tax assessment value. You can also see if there are plans or provisions regulating how you may use the land, or if there is easement or other rights affecting the real property.

Looking to buy, sell or give away a real property?

Go to Change owner 

Would you like to carve out or make other changes to your real property?

Go to Change property

Want to know more about joint real property management associations, common land areas, roads or playgrounds?

Go to Owning together

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Our historical maps go back nearly 400 years! Discover our map treasure for free.

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Job opportunities such as accountants, lawyers, system developers, engineers, communicators and of course Land Surveyors.

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