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Property information

Property information

Our registers contain up to date information on all real properties in Sweden. This information is often used professionally within various activities, including the granting of credit and property sales.

Information about this service
The e-service My Property gives you as a private person free access to detailed information about your own real properties and site leasehold rights. You require e-identification to use this service.

If you wish to obtain free information about your property, such as the property designation, you are welcome to use our e-service My Property.

It you are a private person and wish to know who the owner of a specific property is, you are welcome to contact us.

Do you wish to use property information in your business?

In that case you can connect your system to any of our services. Read more under the heading How to gain access to property information.

You can also contact any of our retailers. They have applications ready to use for searching in the real property register.

Want to know more about property information in Europe?

Read more about the:

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