• Real Property

    All the land in Sweden is divided into real property. Lantmäteriets task is to ensure an effective and legally binding real property division as well as to keep track of the composition of the real properties, who the registered owners are and in which banks the mortgages are taken out.

  • Maps and geographic information

    Lantmäteriet map reality and provide the society with maps, images and other fundamental geographic information.

  • About Lantmäteriet

    We map the country, demarcate boundaries and help guarantee secure ownership of Sweden’s real property. You can get more information and documentation on Sweden’s geography and real properties from us.

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Get started with Historical Maps

DjVu - Plugin required for viewing Historical Maps

The high resolution digital images which are created when the maps are scanned are too large to be shown or downloaded from the Internet in their original format.

  1. Download and install the DjVu-plugin
    In order to view the historical maps the Djvu browser plug-in (new window) must first be installed on your computer. The plug in only needs to be installed on your computer once and may be downloaded free of charge.
  2. Read our guide to Getting started with Historical Maps
  3. Go directly to Historical Maps and begin searching.
  4. Read our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Quick search tips

    There are two ways to search for a historical map. You can make a search either by Searching via the map or Advanced search.

    • Searches via the map will show results for your chosen area from each of the respective archives.
    • Searches via Advanced Search enable users to search directly within each of the different archives. Only one archive can be accessed at a time and it is important to provide as much information about your search as possible in order to get a good result.


  • Would you like to order a historical map?

    Copies of historical maps can be ordered in both paper and digital format through the Historical Maps website. An online purchase can be made after selecting a map. Just put your choice in the chart. If you would like the files in another format, please contact us on

    Consumers Purchases Act

    All purchases are subject to Swedish law. Please contact us if you have any queries.


    The fees for printed and digital archive products are set in accordance with Lantmäteriet's (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority) regulations. Please contact us if you have any queries.

    The price for digital files (DjVu ) supplied through e-commerce, is the same for a single page as for a whole file, 150 SEK including VAT.

    Delivery Options


    A digital map will be delivered in TIFF format on a CD or DVD and sent via the postal service.
    TIFF files are large and not compressed in order to ensure the highest quality digital image.


    High quality printed maps will be delivered on matt photo paper. Unless otherwise specified, the map will be printed out at full scale.
    Maps can be printed at a smaller scale if required. However it is important to note that some quality may be lost when the map is reduced in scale.


    Freight costs will apply.

    Delivery Time

    Delivery will normally be made within 7 working days.


    Invoices will be sent to the delivery address unless otherwise stated in the order.

    Order Confirmation

    A confirmation email including cost of delivery will be forwarded on receipt of your order.

    Change or Returns

    Every map is unique and created according to your request. They can, however, be returned if they do not meet your expectations.

    Please note that Customer Service must send a confirmation message validating the reason for return before the goods can be sent back to Lantmäteriet. This must be completed within 14 days following receipt of the goods.

    Printed maps and digital maps should be returned to:

    Customer Service
    Digitala Arkiv
    801 82 GÄVLE

    Returned goods must be marked with Name, Order Number and the Confirmation from Customer Services that the return is valid. Lantmäteriet is not responsible for freight costs.

    Please note we require a signed declaration confirming that no digital copies have been retained of any digital maps.

    Monies paid will be returned in the same manner they were received, upon receipt of the returned goods by Lantmäteriet. Refunds will be paid within 30 days.

    False orders, fraud or fraudulent attempts will be reported to the police authorities.

    Please contact Customer Services if you have any other questions.

  • Historical Maps from 1628 - 1927

    Swedish law determines how data that includes personal information can be used. Public access is, therefore, restricted for any database which includes personal information concerning persons currently alive. For this reason, only archives created before 1928 can be accessed.

    Professional users can, however, sign a contract with Lantmäteriet which allows them to directly access current data archives via the Internet service Archive Search or Arken Proxy. The purpose of the use of these services is regulated by Lantmäteriet.

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