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Get started with Historical Maps

Before you start searching among our historical maps for the first time you need to do a few things first:

  • A few quick search tips

    There are two ways to search through the historical maps.
    1. Search directly on the map by selecting an area and discovering the different historical maps related to this area.
    2. Select Advanced Search to choose the archive you wish to search. However, to use the Advanced search feature you need to know more precisely what you are looking for, such as the county and parish. You also need some knowledge of the contents of our different archives.

    Read more about the different searchable archives:

    I want to see more search tips.

  • Do you wish to order historical maps?

    It's free to look at the maps on this website, but you cannot print them out or download them. If you want a printed map or a digital copy you can order this for a fee.

    This is how to order historical maps

  • Do you want to use historical maps in your profession?

    If you want to use historical maps in your profession, it is possible to sign a separate agreement with us and receive direct access to our entire digital archive. This means, for example, that you can even see both historical and current cadastral dossiers, plans and regulations. Read more about how to use the historical maps.

  • We show maps from 1628 to 1928

    On the Internet, we only show material before 1928 for the Cadastral Authority and Land Survey Board archives. In the Geographical Survey Office archive you can see maps that extend up to the 70s.

    However, if you are a professional user and need the material in your profession, it is possible to gain direct access to our entire digital archive by signing a separate agreement with us.

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