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Lantmäteriet has three divisions, each responsible for different business areas.

The Cadastral Services Division is responsible for property division: in other words, it makes decisions on new property units and making changes to existing boundaries.
The division is also responsible for making decisions concerning joint properties, easements and rights of way.

The Land Registration Division examines, makes decisions on and registers title transactions, mortgages, site leasehold rights and other rights that are then recorded in the Real Property Register. The division also makes decisions on and handles stamp duty and charges.

The Geodata Division collects, stores and updates information about Sweden’s geography and properties, and makes this information available to the general public, the public sector and the private sector.


Susanne Ås Sivborg, Director General
Anders Lundquist, Deputy Director General
Anna Eriksson, Director R&D/IT
Linda Edgren, Head, Cadastral Services
Tove Elvelid, Head, Land Registration
Anders Sandin, Head, Geodata Division
Henrik Stridsman, Director of Communications
Marie Stålnacke, HR Director
Christina Wallström, DG’s PA

The board

Lantmäteriet’s Board is collectively responsible for overall operations to the Government.

Olle Sundin, Chairman, former Director General of LFV
Susanne Ås Sivborg, Director General of Lantmäteriet
Ann Hellenius, IT Director/CIO City of Stockholm
Anna Ernestam, CFO Swedish Red Cross
Ulf Kamne, Municipal Commissioner, City of Gothenburg
Helen Olausson, Deputy Chair, CEO of Projektgaranti AB
Barbro Holmberg, former County Governor, Gävleborg County

Representatives for staff unions:
Magnus Landgren, Lantmäteriakademikerna
Gull-Britt Olander, ST Lantmäteri
Jeanette Norman, Deputy Head, ST Lantmäteri

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