• Real Property

    All the land in Sweden is divided into real property. Lantmäteriets task is to ensure an effective and legally binding real property division as well as to keep track of the composition of the real properties, who the registered owners are and in which banks the mortgages are taken out.

  • Maps and geographic information

    Lantmäteriet map reality and provide the society with maps, images and other fundamental geographic information.

  • About Lantmäteriet

    We map the country, demarcate boundaries and help guarantee secure ownership of Sweden’s real property. You can get more information and documentation on Sweden’s geography and real properties from us.

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Historical Maps

We have one of the world’s largest map treasures and we would like to share it with you.

We have more than a million historical maps and documents extending as far back as 17th century. These maps cover large parts of Sweden and in many cases are so well made and richly decorated that it's tempting to call them works of art. Not surprisingly, our historical maps are popular to give away as gifts.

There is no charge to view the maps and we promise that you will find something interesting to look at.

Before you begin, there are a few things you need to do.
Click on the link below to go directly to Historical Maps and begin searching.

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Historical maps

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Grandma’s Grandad’s Grandad

Our historical maps go back nearly 400 years! Discover our map treasure for free.

Historical maps

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Job opportunities such as accountants, lawyers, system developers, engineers, communicators and of course Land Surveyors.

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